Wow 3 posts in 24 hours … amazing!!

Well last week one of my Demonstrator friends, Nicole Derendorf, shared her hideous card she’d made – now I dont see it as hideous but then we are all our own worst critics are we not?  She also challenged other Demonstrators to share their creations they saw as only fit for the recycling bin – maybe I should blame her for the Christmas Card I made a couple of days later??

After sharing on Facebook that I’d made the ugliest Christmas card ever it seems everyone wants to see it – what’s with that??

Anywho I decided last night that I’d share it and let you decide for yourself as the reaction here in the Stamp A Latte house was mixed …

Its a new style of card I’ve made over the last week and I just loved the first one (which I’ll share tomorrow) so thought a Christmas Card in the same layout would be nice but now …. not so sure … maybe its just the images that dont sit right with me. Personally I think its way too busy but hubby thinks its nice? What do you think??

This is the card opened so you can see there is still room to write a message and if you wanted more space to write you just add another block of whisper white on the chocolate chip section.

Maybe I just need less snowflakes or maybe some ribbon & dazzling diamonds might be the go.

What would you do to fix it?



  1. Tsk, tsk, tsk Miss Leonie…….giving ourselves a bit of a creative bashing huh???? Whilst on initial sighting….it is a little overwhelming, I think it’s actually quite a good card. perhaps a blue panel where the brown is…to take the edge of the dark, but it is all a v v personal thing. Great job.

  2. Onie, there is nothing even slightly off (least of all hideous!) about this card. I think it’s actually very lovely and am with Christine all the way – you’re never clapping eyes on my bin jobs!

  3. I think it is quite nice Leonie. If you were worried about it being too busy you could make the rectangle in the middle stand out a little more e.g. by using a different colour card stock and only stamping the sentiment on it. Or you could stamp the snowflakes a little further apart.

  4. I would not call it ugly at all Leonie. Definitely going to case this one myself. I agree with the occassional rhinestone too, or maybe spray with smooch spritz to give it some sparkle.

  5. There is nothing ugly about it !! It’s beautiful and classy !!! I would be more then happy to receive it. I do agree with blinging the odd snowflake though.

  6. Leonie I really like it.I made a similar 2 nfold card with snowflakes and put a couple of punched snowflakes on it with some diamentes in the middle

  7. I actually really like it Leonie! Love the design. I’d agree with a few rhinestones in centres, and maybe a larger more solid snowflake or flower or star somewhere? It’s nice though!

  8. Oh my God – if this is your ugly card, remind me never to show you MY hideous ones!! Actually, I don’t keep them to photograph; they go in the bin! This is a really lovely card. You, oh super-talented woman, are being altogether too hard on yourself!!

  9. I love it Leonie….. I think I might have to try case one myself for our christmas in July.

  10. It’s much nicer than I thought, I agree with Jo, just the odd rhinestone would brighten it nicely! I like the style. We ARE our own worst critics, it’s true!

  11. Leonie, I just love it. I don’t think it is too busy at all [my style is very CAS]. I also love the design [which I intend to CASE]. Thanks

  12. Onie, I ould use a few of the rhinestones on the middle of the occasional snowflake? I actually really like it…you can send it to me perhaps, hee hee..

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