I know I could use one right now however its 6.37am and everyone is in bed and the coffee machine makes such a noise I’d wake them all up and I dont want to do that!  I’ve been up since 4am and awake since 2.40am – I think hubby really needs to see someone about his snoring!

As you know I run a Demonstrator only group for Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators in Australia and New Zealand and we run a quarterly secret sister program through the group. Its a great way to get new ideas and be a little spoilt along the way – and who doesnt like handmade cards and little gifts in the mail? I know I love them and this is the gift I got yesterday for September ….

How divine is this?? You’d think my Secret Sister knows me quite well … she did put a note in saying that the pot is for coffee only!

I am going to have to go searching for the template for these – they are just so darned cute!

Now the tea cup has a slit in the top and thats so you can slot the ‘tea bag’ message/sentiment in like here ….

Its just too cute for words!

So if you are my secret sister and happen to be visiting my blog I say thank you for this gorgeous little gift 🙂


  1. Hi Leonie
    You can find the template at Creations by AR. I was Guest Designer for Adela a couple of months back and used this template, so there are couple of ideas on my blog. Cheers

  2. See I was so excited at this little teapot and cup I couldn’t even spell properly lol! (I think I should start and spell check prior to hitting send haha!)

  3. oooh this is sop cute… I thionk she got the address wrong though, coz it should have come to my address (being that its PINK!) lol! Enjoy, it is too cute for words. I’d love a template too if you fnd one, I will look as well and see if I can find one.
    Shaz 🙂

  4. Your’re right….these are too cute for words. I am racking my brain to recall where I saw another tea pot and I cannot…..I will let you know if I do!! Your SS has definitely put in a lot of effort into this too perfect gift for you. Enjoy it and I sincerely hope that you get to turn the coffee machine on soon!!!

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