Ribbon Spools ?

Well empty ones at least!

You can pull the spools apart and remove the circle pieces of cardboard. Now you could keep one of each size and use these as circle templates – that is until you’ve saved the money to buy the Circle Scissor Plus!

These can also be used to create curves and rounded corners larger than the punch does or theres always the templates for making pom poms! Do kids still do that these days?? I know I always used to make them as a kid – ahh childhood memories – gotta love them!

But what about the plastic spools???

Well this is what you can do with the spools ……………

You can make them any height and you can pop in so many different things …

  • ribbons
  • smarties
  • buttons
  • m&m’s
  • brads
  • chocolate bars – well long skinny ones like this White Knight or Curly Wurlys
  • roll up money and pop inside
  • keys to the new car (I wish)
  • a map with directions to the new iPad (now that would make an awesome birthday gift!)
  • coloured pencils
  • watercolour crayons
  • a lovely pen

So many different ideas!  All you need to do is to measure around your spool and thats how wide you cut your piece of acetate and the height is up to you! Use sticky strip to hold it all together and your done – soooo easy!  If you wanted to jazz up your tubes then you could always use the lovely printed window sheets in the Autumn-Winter Mini Catalogue.

Dont forget to keep an eye on the Last Chance List and the availability list and make sure you put your order in before the items you want are gone for good.

Also, I should have my delivery of new 2010-2011 Idea Book & Catalogues over the next few days so if you havent pre-ordered yours you’d better do so soon!


  1. Morning,
    I would love to create something like this with my plastic spools, but i don’t get the chance to as my cat just loves them to bits, he is forever chasing one around…… he is under my chair now eyeing one up and about to pounce.
    Your creations are wonderful, thanks for sharing.

  2. Man-o-man Leonie….I dunno how ling it has been since i have seen (or TASTED) a White Knight choc bar!!! he idea definitely takes recycle, renew and reuse to a whole new level. Thes look Fab. Brilliant concept and job!!

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