I am very excited to be part of this very special fundraiser.

The fundraiser is to raise funds for a special chair for Lara May who is the daughter of a dear friend and fellow Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator Madonna Dunn.

Here is Miss Lara’s story from Madonna’s blog ….

Lara May Dunn, my fourth child, was born on the 5th of November 2008.
The first sign that something was not right were Lara’s feet which were twisted and turned.  At 6 weeks she was back in hospital for failing to thrive.  A gamut of testing was started to try to find out what was going on…blood tests, x-rays and even an MRI.  Her head hadn’t grown – Microcephaly was diagnosed.  Nothing could be detected.  There were no answers to be found in the genetic testing.

At 5 months Lara was back in hospital.  This time the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane for laser surgery on her floppy voice box.  Another gamut of tests and a diagnosis of severe reflux and Cerebral Palsy.  This time they put a nasal gastric tube in and all her feeds were directed through there.  By October of 2009 the NG tube had been replaced with a “button”, which is a direct line into her tummy for feeds.  She will never eat a meal with our family conventionally or “normally”.
Over the last {almost} two years, Lara has been in and out of hospital with many different complex medical issues.  She is so fragile and yet has a core of steel and is such a fighter!!  She has grown so much!

With her growth has come a need for more specialised equipment.  One of which is a Leckey Hi Low chair.  A specialised seating system that can be adjusted to fit Lara perfectly.  It’s on a wheel base which means she can be more a part of our family.  She is able to be moved to where we are.  She is not limited to where we can take her in and around our house.  She can be exactly where the action is at any given time!

We are trying to fundraise the money to purchase one of these wonderful chairs – how much money??  They are upwards of $6000.  We are trying to get funding for some of it but I am working with other stampers and dear friends to find ways to get the rest.
I don’t want to limit where Lara is able to go in our house. She will never walk or run or play with her siblings in any conventional way and yet she can still be present as they do those things.  Your help in our efforts is very much appreciated.
So its with much pleasure that I am helping Madonna and various other Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators we are bring you a month (yes a whole month) of tutorials for you.

You can join us by purchasing entry using the paypal button below.

It’s going to be awesome!

Now did you notice what’s in store?? not only will you get 30 tutorials for just $25 (that’s less than $1 per tutorial!) but there will be daily door prizes and the chance to win A Big Shot Machine – yes you read that right -   A BIGSHOT!!!  Also you’ll be supporting the Dunn Family and helping Lara to get the Equipment she so needs just to be a little more mobile.

All you have to do is hit the Paypal Button and the invites to the Online Community will be sent out closer to the 1st November

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


  1. Okay, you know I’m not very clever with the computer – can you please email me with further information and how else I can do this?

  2. I’ve signed up – can’t wait to be part of this wonderful fundraising event. Hope you raise lots of $$ to help provide the things Lara needs.

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