If you hang around with stampers or card makers you will hear them talk about a card they may have cased or how someone cased their card. What does this mean?

Case – to Copy And Share Everything

So in reality to CASE a card is to copy a card that someone else has created. Now some people like this and some people dont so its best to ask first. In any case you should definitely give credit where credit is due so be sure you acknowledge the original creator by stating her name and if possible include her email or blog address. I have cased many cards and have always given credit to the original card and some have cased my work as well which is fine as long as they acknowledge that it was cased from one of my cards.

There have been times when I’ve seen a copy of my cards on blogs and such and yes it does hurt when they dont acknowledge the original and I know that friends have also been hurt or upset in this way. It doesnt take long to pop in a person’s name or a link to their blog.

So today I have cased a couple of cards to share with you. I always find there is something you do a little differently so its not always going to be a complete replica.

cattiecasep85This one is a case of a card in the 2008-2009 Idea Book & Catalogue.

The great thing about the Stampin Up catalogue is that it isnt just a catalogue. Its an idea book as well and where else can you purchase a book or magazine that has over 300 samples and ideas for just $12.95?

Even better the Idea Book & Catalogue also gives you the recipe for each project displayed inside!

This card is located on page 85 of the current 2008-2009 Idea Book & Catalogue. Now if you grab your copy and go to page 155 you will see a ‘supplies’ list. This is where you find each recipe for each project in the Idea Book & Catalogue. You will notice at the beginning of each paragraph there is a number and a letter. The number refers to the page number the project is on and the letter refers to where on the page the project is.

So for example this card on page 85 is the second project on that page so the reference you need to look up is 85B. You will find the recipe for 85B on page 157. You will see it tells you the stamps, papers, cardstock, inks, tools & accessories used for that card. Pretty cool huh?

If you read that recipe you will notice that I substituted the groovy guava for more mustard and used a oval shaped clip instead of the hat pin and pearl.

bloomscasehadamsHere is another card that I cased today – its a case of a card I recieved as a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) from Heather Adams. We are on a new Stampin Up RAK group based in Australia where we send out RAKs and of course get a return back. If you’d like to join this great group then go to Stampin Up in OZ and join – its open to all so its not just from demonstrators.

I love the clean simple design and the vibrant colours so I just had to case this one and pop it into my Stamp A Stack folder with the kind permission of Heather.

So remember its fine to case a card but please remember to give credit where credit is due.

I had a lady from USA email me the other week after I shared my Valentine Heart card and she asked if she could case it for a demonstration which I was flattered she asked and it actually resulted in her selling many of the Pretties Kits – now if only had that effect on my customers! Its always a huge boost to one’s self esteem when asked if one of your cards can be cased.

Just going back to the Idea Book & Catalogue – there will be a new one released in April and I will be able to do a pre-order for them so I have them for you on 1st April. If you would like to pre-order a 2009-2010 Idea Book & Catalogue then please email or ring me so I can put your name on my pre-order list. Or you could book a demonstration in for April and get your new Idea Book & Catalogue for free!







  1. Hey Leonie! This is very well said, and thanks for being bold enought to say it! I too often find my work cased, or my tutorials copied without any credit and it does hurt! I love both of these creations of yours, so thanks for sharing and your honesty 🙂 Love Keesh x

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