Oh my … how cute are these???

With Talking Tag, you can send a gift that is uniquely you. Talking Tag is a message label you can attach to cards, invitations, gifts . . . anything! Personalise birthday cards, Christmas gifts or even record quick instructions for a recipe. Now your pictures really can say a thousand words!

I can see these being very popular amongst my teenage daughters friends and not mention all the geeks in our lives!

You will have the opportunity to listen, re-record, cancel, or confirm your message after you’ve completed recording it. Each label allows up to 60 seconds of a greeting, song, or product message.  Hmmm I can see many mum’s sending the “tidy your room message”!!

To play the message, recipients will need to download the TalkingTag app and scan the code. Messages are saved for two years, so they can listen to it over and over.

The Talking Tags come by the sheet and you get 10 tags for just $12.95  – why not add them to your Valentine order and you can send a message on each note you send!!  So you’d get stamps, simple sent notes and the tags for $30!!  You’ll be a hit this Valentine’s Day!!

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