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Sorry I’ve been missing for a few days – its been school holidays and usually I like to keep them simple and lazy … well up until now! We are half way through our school break and I think I’ve managed to sleep in just once! Maybe tomorrow …

Last Monday was Caitie’s birthday. Caitie always asks for a party and usually there is something else that crops up to prevent this but we agreed this year (well I did!) and she has a small party here at home yesterday. Since she only wanted her closest friends I (in a soft moment) suggested we could make something crafty and she jumped at the idea. Why do we say these things before thinking them through?? lol

We opted for a Kaisercraft handbag with some goodies to pop inside. Now it wasnt until I went to make the sample the night before the party (who leaves things to the last minute I ask you??) I found out that it needed to be glued together – most other Kaisercraft stuff slots together nicely but not this one!!

sweetkbagsetAfter spending 45 minutes at Bunnings and buying three different types of glue (and costing a small fortune) did I find out that Stampin’ Up!’s very own Crystal Effects would do the trick! Thanks Steph but you could have told me before I went to Bunnings!

So here is what the girls made yesterday. We covered the Kaisercraft bag and also covered some goodies to pop inside. there’s a covered Notepad, Bookmark made from a jumbo paper clip, covered mechanical pencil and lipgloss.

This set here I’ve used the Sweet Always Designer Series Paper pack which has such pretty paper and colours in the pack.

sweetkbagbackThe girls had lots of fun covering these and putting on their embellishments and when asked they agreed that it was much better than a lolly bag and they really enjoyed putting them altogether – well they enjoyed playing the Wii and their Nintendo DS machines while I glued all the bags together.

This photo here is the back of my bag where it shows the flowers from the lovely Designer Series Paper and I’ve just attached two half pearls from the pretties kit to jazz it up a bit.

So no matter what side is facing you its purty to look at!

The girls must have had a lot of fun making their goodies as they asked for a class each month! I laughed and said maybe not each month but maybe once every holidays.

Here the girls are with their finished baggies & goodies – they got to choose any of my left over designer series papers from last year’s catalogue.


The do look happy dont they??

This would make an awesome little gift for any young girl or teen – why not contact me today to book in for the Class.


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(4) Comments

  1. Dotty says:

    Lol, love that I’m not the only one still freaking out at the last minute!!! My motto is “If it wasn’t for the last minute, nothing would get done!” It’s just that we have such full lives! lol Anyway things always seem to work out in the end, don’t they!

    Oh yeah, almost forgot to say how I loved what the girls made and what a great job you did of the glueing. I’d be disappointed and surprised to hear that they didn’t like them!

  2. These look fantastic Leonie! Glad the girls had a great time.

  3. Oh, what a lovely Mum you are and I bet Catie was very appreciative. The bags look great and the gilrs’photo is a good one to scrap.

  4. very cute idea leonie. love it.
    you are so funny about the “gluing” and the girls playing.

    missed your posts and am glad you’re back.


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