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Today’s card is one for my little sister.

She had some bad news last week that affects her and her students and I wanted to send her a card to show her I’m thinking of them all as I cant be there in person and here’s what I made …


This card was really quick and easy to make and I just love that new ribbon – isnt it pretty?

I wanted to make the flowers bright to cheer her up and for them to know that people are praying for them.

My sister is a High School Teacher and she teaches Year 12.  She got the sad sad news last week that one of her students had committed suicide.   Everyone is touched by this sad loss – the teachers at the school, her family, her friends, and the students she went to school with.

I wanted to share with you this poem that Jo wrote for Laura …


There is so much stress put on our kids these days and more so those who are doing their Higher School Certificate.  While they have changed the way some things are done I think we (and I mean everyone not just teacher’s or parents of HSC students) need to do what we can to not only help them but to ensure they know they have someone they can talk to and even if its about the most trivial things.

We need to find a way so maybe their results are not dependent on a final test at the end but their last couple of years of school.  I know when my oldest was doing hers everyone said ‘your mark does not define you’ however it does determine whether they can continue towards their goal or to suddenly have to think of something else and not feel like their world will come crashing down.

My sister is not only an awesome teacher but she also, recently, had her first book of Poetry published.   If you’d like to read more about her book please click on the cover below.

Jo’s book was launched yesterday in Warrnambool and is available from Jo in hardcopy or from Amazon and Xlibris online stores as a real paper-and-ink book or in e-book format from Amazon.

Thanks for stopping by today and please if you have a HSC student or know one talk to them, make sure they are doing ok and take them out for coffee or a chai ‘just because’.

See you latte ..



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(6) Comments

  1. Narelle Fasulo says:

    Beautiful card Leonie. So sorry for that young girls family and friends. Too much unnecessary stress put on kids today. I am sure your sister will be touched by the card.

    1. thanks Narelle

  2. Tanja S. says:

    Thanks for such an insightful and heartfelt blog post. I am certain that your sister will feel touched by your card, I have left her a little encouragement on her blog, she is a great poet and by the sounds of it an awesome teacher and has a very big heart (as do you).

    1. thanks Tanja … I know Jo will appreciate you commenting on her blog. Thanks for your sweet words – I think I rewrote this post about three times to get it right

  3. Ali says:

    Whoa……………… that is such a awesome poem, so sad that young Laura will never get to read those powerful words of love. You are such a talented family, you Leonie with your beautiful cards and now I know you have a sister who writes beautiful words.
    Now to go and check how to get a copy to NZ.

    1. thanks Ali … you will love Jo’s book 🙂 We both appreciate your support 🙂

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