I thought I’d share something a little different today.  People are always asking how I store different products so I thought I’d start a little “Storage 101” feature on my blog and since I had my Daubers ready to be transferred to their new Storage box I figured that was as good a place to start!

So here is how I used to store my Daubers ….

Before ....

This is them thrown into a Stampin’ Up! plastic stamp box – easy enough however you had to rummage through them to find the colour you were looking for.  I tag each one with a label with the colour name on it – this way customers and friends look for the colour they are using and dont just grab the first one and mix colours as had been done in the past.

I discussed with hubby and said I needed a better way and he found some little plastic compartment boxes he had in the she and you guessed it – they didnt fit! So off we toddled to Big W 🙂 and we found this in the Fishing section …

Plano Stowaway Tackle box

The perfect fit! and just $7!!

So here they are in the box ….

All lined up in coloursÂ

OOo look all sorted in colours and easy to read the labels –  look at those pretty white clean ones!! Now storing them this way you could fit about 3o or so in the box – so what do you do if you need to fit 50 or so?

Standin' Up!

Stand them up and you could fit about 50 in this little box!!

All sorted and ready to hang!

Now even with the lid closed it doesnt squash the tops or anything!  So it really is the perfect solution for your Daubers!  It even has tab so you can hang them up and see where they are and keep them clean and no more rummaging through drawers and cupboards to find them!

The Daubers come in a pack of 12 for just A$20.95 and can be used for so many things including ….

  • sponging inks to edges of cardstock and images,
  • applying ink to stamps before stamping them and creating a colourful effect,
  • with your pastels to colour images or shading cardstock, patterns or stencils,
  • emboss resist technique,
  • masking techniques.

If you would like me to show you different ways to use your Daubers please contact me to book in for a technique class or to arrange your own demonstration or you may just wish to place an order.



  1. What a wonderful idea. I might have to go and get one. Love the great cards you make i always check your blog when i need som ideas. Thanks for your insperation.

  2. Great idea, Leonie! I would love to hear about some of your storage ideas as I do find it hard to keep all the stamping items in some order!

  3. Isn’t Big W great! The fishing dept usually has just what we need for our crafty storage. The other shop which sometimes is good is Bunnings (I use that when I’m not near Big W.

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