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One of the things I love about Christmas is the decorating and all the little bits and pieces that come out just once a year to decorate your home.  I love seeing the Christmas Wreaths adorning the front door of houses.

How nice would it be if we thought to decorate our houses all year round – not necessarily in a Christmas theme but just something pretty and that makes your heart smile when you walk in the front door.

Well now you can with the  Burlap and Blooms Simply Created Wreath Kit from Stampin’ Up!


 Just after school went back I got together with a couple of my friends and we assembled our kits and we had lots of fun and chatter in the process and a couple of burnt fingers from the Hot Glue gun to assemble the Wreath.  No matter how careful I am or what it is I’m making if there is hot glue involved I will touch it before it cools!


The kit comes with absolutely everything you need to make the Wreath – well except for the Hot Glue gun and they do suggest that you use Hot Glue to assemble it all but I found for the big circular petalled flowers that the Mini Glue dots worked a treat – and besides I cant burn myself on those can I?


The only thing you see on my wreath that wasnt in the kit is the Antique Brads – I felt they give it a ‘country’ charm to the wreath.

I loved making my Wreath and I love looking at it as it is on the wall above my desk and I see it everyday and I’m pretty impressed that I could make something as lovely as this! Gotta love Stampin’ Up! for their gorgeous kit!

This kit is available till 30th June and is just $29.95 and it’s great to get together with some friends and make them together just like I did. If you’d like me to come along and direct you with assembling your kits please dont hesitate to contact me.

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Burlap & Blooms Wreath Kit $29.95

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