My apologies for not posting for a few days … had a stressful few days when my little dog (Bear) got out and was hit by a car.

After a lot of tears and a touch of shock from not only seeing the car go over him but the horrible driver failed to stop!  I’m still so very angry about that – he just kept on his merry way 🙁

Needless to say it put my world in a bit of turmoil but I am very happy to report that Bear came home that same afternoon with not a broken bone or any serious injury.  He was rather shaken and was rather tender for a few days and he’s just now started to return to his bouncy self.  Thank you so much to all who messaged me on Facebook so check on me and Bear!

Last Saturday I was asked to pop along to Ella’s 10th Birthday party and help the kids make a card.  After talking to Ella’s mum who told me that Ella loved craft, puppies, kittens and all sorts of animals I decided on this cute little Puppy Card ….


Here’s a list of the punches used in creating ‘Deefer’

  • Wide Oval
  • 1 1/4 Circle
  • Cupcake punch
  • Word Window
  • Small Oval
  • Large Heart
  • Itty Bitty Shapes

Here’s the Deefer Dog Instruction sheet to create your very own little puppy!


You can purchase all the punches you need to make this puppy in my online store.

Now if you have a little girl or boy having a birthday who loves to craft why not contact me to arrange for a little crafty fun at their party.

“Unbearable” special bonus …..

As last Wednesday was rather unbearable with my little Bear getting hit and putting my day into a spin I am having an “Unbearable” Special!  It would have been pretty unbearable to lose my doggie so in celebration of him getting off pretty much unscathed I am offering a free gift on all orders of $40 or more placed through my Online Store! This special bonus offer is only available until the end of May so dont miss out and make your day ‘Unbearable’!

Click the trolley below or in my sidebar and start shopping now!



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