Well … how did this happen?  It’s Friday already!! Not only that it’s the last day of term so the next 2 weeks are going to be disorganised due to the girls being home and no doubt wanting this or that or wanting to go here or there!

Makes it a little stressful for a home-based business owner!  So I think I need to give you a little special … but first today’s cards!

I need to send some things out today and I always feel guilty if I send them out without a card!  I grabbed an envleope and realised it wasnt a standard size one so I thought OK I’ll make a card to fit instead of throwing it out – see how frugal I am??  I also wanted some thing quick and easy and maybe a set I havent used yet and my eyes were drawn to Spiral Spins …


Now this was a set I originally said ‘no I dont need that’ but as usual I have friends who insist on buying and using these sets that I dont need and because I love them and their card I reconsider and my ‘no I dont need that’ turns into ‘Oh I like that .. that set is quite versatile!’  So thanks to Robin Merriman I now have this set and have a few ideas for this set so stay tuned for more cards and an inspiration sheet to match!

Now the above card is nice enough as it is but look what happens when you add a rhinestones …


Bazinga!  Oh am I allowed to say that if I dont like Big Bang Theory?   I love how adding just those few Rhinestones have lifts this card so much!   Hopefully my customer will like it too!

Now what’s the special??
Well I have a sweet little “Spinny Deal” for you for this weekend … for just $45.00 for Clear Mount or $55.oo for Wood Mount you will receive …

  • Spiral Spins
  • Four You
  • Basic Rhinestone Jewels
  • Spiral Spins Inspiration Sheet with four project ideas using Spiral Spins
  • free shipping!

This ‘Spinny Deal” is available from now until 6pm Sunday Night so be sure you dont delay and get your order in – just contact me with your preferred mount system and how you wish to pay.

Now I’d better get onto some housework …. oh look … a stamp!

Thanks for stopping by


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