Well … I am truly saddened by some of the items on the retired list. While I know this means new stamps to buy and love there are some included that I truly do love and will miss dearly!

To view the retired list simply click here

Be warned though there are many stamps and accessories in that list and it may take a little while to download.

You will also notice that some sets have an asterix beside it which means the costs of these items have been discounted as follows …

  • * denotes 25% off regular price
  • ** denotes 50% off regular price
  • *** denotes 50% of the purchase price is being donated to the Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal

I would also suggest that if there is anything on the retirement list that you want that you place your order with me as soon as possible as last year we saw many of the items being sold out with in the first couple of weeks with some things within days. Once the stock is depleted that is it – nothing will be placed on backorder or sent from USA.

So go grab a very strong coffee and study the list which is just what I’m going to do!!






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  1. how fun! This would make a great card for my son! We have some testing coming up at school and this would make a great “encouragement” card for him. Thanks for sharing!

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