New Desk!

When I posted the Diva Sketch Challenge card yesterday I was shocked to see that I hadnt posted for two weeks (insert shocked looked) and thought I’d pop in today and share just why.

Well firstly its been school holidays and secondly I’ve been a bit unwell the last two weeks as well which some could be attributed to all the dust and 5 million dimensional backings flying around in my big rearrangement!

I’ve pulled out my old corner desk and donated it to my lovely downline Mel.

This was the old ….

Table to the right
Table to the Left

This is the new ….

New Desk and Drawers
Drawers & Paper Storage to Right

These dark drawers to my right house all my wood mount sets, wheels, and other tools.

My clear mount sets are in the unit my Brother in Law made for me and the 12×12 white drawers keep my offcuts in handy reach.

Love my long new desk

This desk is 2.1m long and I love it!

So much room to mess up create in now!

love these tubs from Ikea and just $2 each!

How cool are these tubs? and I still have room for one more!

Did you notice my Stampin’ Up! Senior Manager Certificate??

12x 12 paper cubes ♥ them

How good are these cubes?

Just waiting on two more being built for my by the Brother in Law

So hopefully this explains where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing and you wouldnt believe just how much ‘stuff’ I’ve literally thrown out, donated or put on ebay!

I love my new area and while it still needs a little tweaking its made the whole living room look bigger so thats a good thing!

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I am Leonie and live in Cobden, Victoria. We are not far from The Great Ocean Road!
I love to create with stamps, ink & paper! I do hope you like what I create and love your comments so please comment on the projects you like.
I also enjoy (and run on) Coffee and collect Charlie Bears

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  1. Dotty says:

    Looks great! Lucky you too, to have a brother -in-law who can help with the storage containers!!!

  2. wow your workspace looks great i should take photos of what i have also still trying to put some money aside for the punch organiser and paper organiser re: paper organiser do they fit the 12 x 12 papers

  3. PS I meant to add, I am so sorry you haven’t been well … Onie! Hope you are feeling better! xxx

  4. Always happy to see a fellow stamper with a super stamping space. You must be in 7th heaven! I would so love local access to IKEA! Must check out if they have online shopping???
    Sorry haven’t popped by recently … but (as you may know) my dad had a heart attack 2 weeks ago … it is school holidays … my son turned 13 yesterday … and my eldest daughter is in labour as I type! I am excited about my 1st grandchild … but it is a long hard labour and I am a bit distracted.
    Hugs xxaxx

  5. Looks great and looks like you have made so much more room in the same space. You go girl!!

  6. Love your new area Onie! I expect heaps of stuff on your blog now – ok? I have the Ikea tubs also, and love them to bits.

  7. Love your new stamping place. Sorry to hear you have been unwell. Looking forward to seeing you at Convention. Not long now!

  8. Fantastic space Leonie!

  9. I think you are going to get a lot of green-eyed comments Leonie. I create in a 2 seat space at my small dining table and pack up every night. I DREAM of a space like this!!! I can’t wait to see what you come up with fm ur inspirational new creative space.

  10. A lovely space to work! Would Ikea please come to Tassie!!?

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