Good Morning and Happy Thursday to you!

Well it’s been the first week of School Holiday’s here and we seem to have survived so far!  I’ve worked out the trick … you let sleeping dogs teenagers lie in bed till at least midday!  This way I get things done I want to, can even go shopping alone or with friends, have a coffee or lunch while I’m out before they surface.  You know it’s time to head home when you get the ‘Where is thee?’ text or phone call!  So far it’s working a treat!

A little while back I was sending out weekly emails called Thursday Time Outs.  I’ve since stopped those emails as I now send out a weekly update with the Weekly Deals and other news. I got to thinking that maybe people would still appreciate a time out sort of card each week so I’m starting that up again but I wont be sending an email.  Instead I’ll post a card here each Thursday and to acknowledge you for taking the time to view it here I’ll have downloadable instructions for you to save and/or print out.

This week’s card uses the Vintage Leaves bundle …

I love this little bundle and know that you’ll be seeing a few more projects made using it!  Not sure what it is about leaves but I do love them!

Here’s my card ….


I love this card and I love that it is a great quick and easy card to do for anyone! Male, Female, Young, Old – anyone! You could even swap out the colours quickly and easily!  It would work with any sentiment too!

Download your copy Maple Banner Card Instructions – now available in the Latte Shoppe

Now dont forget I have my Birthday Discount happening until the 30th September so you could get the Vintage Leaves Bundle for just $65.70 plus shipping!

I do hope you like the cards and projects I share here and would love it if you would share them with your friends so they can enjoy them too.  Dont forget to tell them they can get free project tutorials every Thursday!

Now if you are like me and have trouble remembering what day it is why not click the Bloglovin button below and you’ll get an email each time I post a new card or project …


Thanks for stopping by today and see you latte



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