A few months back I shared this awesome storage unit that my brother in law made me for my ink pads, markers and ink refills …

Well now I’m happy to share with you the new unit he has made for me for my punches and Big Shot dies and folders ….

How cool is this?? It has 60 sections like the Ink Pad unit and you can slide out the shelves to fit taller items in like the larger punches. I cant tell you just how much this has helped me in keeping my table tidier.

I actually didnt put it on my desk for a while and now I’m not really sure why I didnt cos not only does it look fantastic its so easy just to pop the things away after using them.

Here are the 2 units together …

Looks good huh??

I’ve since comissioned Dave the Builder to make some paper cubes and a unit for the long Big Shot Dies and cutting plates.

Would you like one of these or both even?? Not a problem – just send me an email and I’ll give you Dave’s contact details so you can contact him to get your own.

These units are super sturdy and I dare say would survive earthquakes! Mine are not attached to the wall or leaning against one they are at the back of my desk and stand alone without any wobbling or anything.


  1. Hi there – is Dave the builder still making these and if so, could you please send me some details – either how to contact him or roughy on cost to get me started?



  2. Hi Leonie

    Can you tell me how much it would be to order the one which stores the ink pads & reinkers?


  3. I seriously would kill for a brother-in-law like yours!! I have been searching for something to store all my ink pads and this looks almost perfect.

  4. They look real neat together. I love my first cabinet. If I had any of the bigshot stuff I’d recommend the 2nd unit. If it’s build like the 1st it would be sturdy and reliable. Highly recommended.

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