I’m just a wee bit excited!!  Not only for this new product but also for what I just made!

Let’s travel back to July of 2013 (sshhh I know that was only a few months ago but humour me)  that was when I had my trip of a lifetime on the Stampin’ Up! Grand Vacation – we left early and attended the Stampin’ Up! Convention for North America.  It was here that they unveiled a brand new product – Undefined. Here’s a quick little video about the product …

Now I know this may not excite everyone – I know it really didnt excite me at first as you see the reason I stamp is because I cant draw for the life of me.  On our visit to the Home Office in Riverton we were all given one of these sets and then also given the opportunity to sit down and make our very first ‘undefined’ stamp – well let’s just say I wont be sharing that stamp I made!  I’m trying to convince my 14yo to make a stamp – she is such an great artist and she creates the most amazing Anime pictures.

Now since the product was released this week in Australia I really wanted to show you something I created with it – so you can see that anyone can use this product and create with it – even people who cant draw!  I did cheat …. I looked up the image on Google Images for what I wanted to create – mind you it still took a little while to work out exactly what I wanted to do. It was after looking at what the staff at our South Pacific Office created that I got the idea. I then went on and traced it, cleaned it up and then did the transfer and carving.

This is what I created ….


can you work out what it is???  Maybe this pic will help ….


 Yup it’s the Sydney Swans Logo!   If you know anything about me you know how much I love my Swannies and I’ll be able to ‘wear’ them come football season with my very own Tattoo!

Swans Tattoo!

Undefined was demonstrated at the North American Stampin’ Up! Convention by the very gorgeous Shannon West – man you should see her stamps!  You can view the Stampin’ Up! Pinterest Board here

So now if you have you ever wanted a stamp but couldn’t find the perfect image or maybe a family logo or emblem you can now you can! Undefined is Stampin’ Up!’s new stamp carving product line. You define the rubber stamp any way you want.

When you carve your very own stamp, you will have an entirely new and different creative experience. And when you’re finished, you will have created a very one-of-a-kind stamp!

Undefined is now available online or order with me – simply contact me to place your order!  Undefined sells for $34.95 for the full kit (complete with rubber, carving tools, ideas, blocks and a marker) and you can grab the refill sheets for just $16.95

Here’s a few more images from other ‘carvers’ …

Created by Ana – Stampin Up South Pacific Office


created by Aaron – Stampin Up South Pacific Office
Amazing Doggy by Shannon West – Stampin Up Home Office

What are you going to carve??  Seems I’m all sorted for the footy season – bring it on!!



  1. From a fellow Swannies supporter, that is AWESOME! Hope you’re still a Stampin’up demonstrator – I think their products are great. Pity you don’t live on the northern beaches.

    1. Yes I’m still a Demonstrator 🙂 Love my job 😉 I do have a car and happy to travel if you’d like to Host a party or I’m happy to pop a catalogue in the post to you – just let me know 😀

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