LOL … well you gotta sound your own horn don’t you cos no one else will!

Last week we had the news about the effects the toy called Bindeez (or Aqua Dots in USA) had when ingested so as soon as I heard I thought the right thing to do was to inform all my friends (IRL and Online) about this terrible hazard as I didnt want anyone’s children to fall victim so I did and I went and emailed my lovely Stampin Up friends internationally on the several groups I’m on and in doing so I have become a hero-ine for some … here is what the lovely Rebecca posted on one of our groups …

Three cheers for Leonie Schroder!! She is my hero!!

Leonie –

The story broke here on the 11pm news just now. You may be personally responsible for bringing this problem to the attention of the entire USA !!!!

According to the reporter who interviewed me this afternoon (how cool is that?!), the Consumer Product Safety Commission wasn’t even aware of the problem when the news station contacted them about it yesterday. By today, they had recalled the toys!! Suddenly, it’s all over the news here in Boston, hopefully everywhere else, too.

When eaten, Aquadots/Bindeez turn into the powerful date rape drug GBH. Two kids in the US have gone into non-responsive comas from eating these beads.

Thank-you so much for emailing us yesterday & alerting us to this problem that our own government knew nothing about!!

Rebecca Daniels
Independent Demonstrator
Stampin’ Up!
Salem, NH 03079

See so just by sending an email to your contacts in your inbox you can save the world (so to speak!)

I have been busy today and last night with workshops. I will upload some cards to share what we made last night at the Stamp a Stack and the One Sheet Wonder workshop today – so stay tuned!

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  1. Oh wow Leonie………this week is sure your week {winkin’}!!!!!!Thanks for doing this….I had no idea until I got your e-mail and while my girls didn’t have any….I believe Santa had a whole bloody cupboard full of them…..Thanks againxxxxxxxxxzxxx

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