Wow it’s so nice to be back online!  

Last Friday our home phone line died and so we had no home phone and that also meant no Internet/ADSL.  With it being School Holidays and having two teenagers home it was going to be ‘interesting’!  

I am happy to report we’ve all survived with no injuries or bruising and no one in jail! Actually, one of the teens appears less stressed and is actually spending time with us out of her room!  At first they told us it wouldnt be fixed until 23rd April – I think I must have started convulsing as hubby whisked me down for some mobile internet however it was so slow it was frustrating me to no end. I am so glad to have my ADSL speed back! 

So on with this week’s Weekly Deals … 

Some cool things there this week … I think I may just have to get me some of those Something Borrowed Embellishments and may just have to get that Confetti Hearts Punch and the Zig Zag Embossing Folder – who wouldnt at those prices?  

Dont forget it’s Mother’s Day in a few weeks so grab her some goodies – or maybe you are the mum so make your wishlist and get it to me and tell the family to ring me to do your order.  Or grab a gift voucher and get free dollars!  So how much will I get? 

  • $50 – $60 gets you a bonus $10
  • $70 – $95 gets you a bonus $15
  • $100 – $150 gets you a bonus $20
  • $155 – $200 gets you a bonus $25

Contact me now to place your order or arrange a Gift Voucher for Mum … or for yourself if you are anything like me and ‘arrange‘ your own gifts from the family!


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