Dont you just love it when your happy mail (ie. mail without a window face!) arrives for you and you werent expecting it?? Well I do as so many days the bills outweigh the ‘happy mail’ here – but not yesterday!

I got many envelopes for a swap I’m hosting on the “Aussie” Demonstrator Only group I moderate and I must say the quality in work of these cards is simply stunning!

One package had a birthday card for me in it as well.

How nice is this card from Charmaine?

The Seaside Stamp set makes great cards for all occasions.

The soft tones that Charmaine has used makes it great for any occasion – and her penmanship inside is just stunning. Would love to be able to do calligraphy – maybe one day!

But wait!! There’s more!

Yesterday I had a terrible thing happen when a bottle of Orange Juice popped open while sitting in my handbag (yes its a long story cut very short!) Well we all know how strong the smell of Orange Juice is – all that vitamin C bursting out no doubt. Well imagine it in a hand bag soaking into the ‘man made’ leather and lining and not to mention the tissues, shop dockets/receipts and anything else we have in our bags – it even went inside the barrel of one of my pens! ugh

This all happened while out shopping and lunching with my sister and good friend (and downline) Sharon. By the time I got home I decided I needed to go shopping for a new bag to improve my mood – well after 2 shopping centres I still havent found what I’m looking for!! However I did come home to a box of lovelies from my good friend Steph.

How well does this girl know me?

She put in some bullets (chocolate coated licorice), a bag of coffee from Gloria Jeans (and yes I tested it today and its soooo nice!), a gorgeous birthday card in one of my favourite colour combinations and a little love note box complete with love notes & envies all decorated in the Summer Picnic papers and using the Tart and Tangy set (one that hasnt grabbed me yet) and I just love love love it all.

Can you tell I dont get pressies like this often?? Yes I’m excited!!

Now if you would like to see a close up of the love notes and box then you’ll have to pop on over to Steph’s blog.

Ok my birthday present I ordered in has arrived so I’m off to go pick that up for hubby … how good am I to him!! hehe

.. .. ..


  1. Hi Leonie! I thought I had missed something somewhere … I didn’t know you had had your birthday! But … it seems from the comment above that it is not until next week! So … I hope it is a really special day & that you have lots of lovely surprises! How nice of Steph to send you a gorgeous gift box! Have a happy day! (Whenever that is.) Lotsa hugs, Andrea

  2. Oh poor you with the bills and the handbag!! Makes for a good story though. You should have gone to penrith Markets to see if there was a suitable handbag there. Lucky you with your lovely cards etc. I hope you have a wonderful birthday next week.

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