I just wanted to pop in today and wish all of you a happy, safe and Blessed Easter!

Its a time for new beginnings, putting the past behind us and looking forward and celebrating new life and remembering how loved we are that God would send His son to die for us that we might have life with Him forever.


I thought I’d also share the hats I made for the Easter Parade at School last thursday and amazingly enough they were quite easy to make.


Here they are proudly (?) wearing their hats – they even made it through the day and home again in one piece – and not a chocolate in sight – maybe this is why they came home in one piece?

I found a picture on the internet using Google Images and just copied it – turned out ok I think – not as nice as the one online but hey I did them in just 40 minutes and while I had a tension headache after battling everyone at Aldi that morning!

They are held together by sticky tape and I used double sided tape to stick on the beaks and eyes – how easy is that and now they have these lovely glittery hats to leave glitter all over the house!

One of the easier years – surely next year they will be too old for the Easter Hat parade!

Wishing you and your family a very happy & safe easter

and watch out for those lactose intolerant Easter Bunnies!!


  1. these are great leonie……the hats are too…..Caitlin squeezed out a smile there LOL!!!
    You are a clever chicken!!

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