Well this past weekend was huge to say the least!

We had Dad’s 80th Birthday last Thursday and as the family was coming to town for my niece’s’ wedding we thought it would be great to celebrate Dad’s special birthday as a family.  I picked Dad up from the Airport at 4pm and thanks to the traffic in the M5 Tunnel it took 90 minutes to get

home – it was Saturday there wasn’t supposed to be any traffic! It was like a weekday – seriously!! This trip normally takes 40 minutes – well on a good run at least!

We headed out to dinner after a short rest and it really was great to celebrate with all the family including my Aunt’s who don’t get to see Dad very often.  It was a lovely night although rather humid and seated outside.

While we were there we presented Dad with his card & gift. Now because there were so many people to sign Dad’s card I had to make it larger than the regular card. (yes I was the designated card maker!)

Gift Bag & Card

We had decided on giving Dad an ebook reader for his birthday and after some research decided to go with the new Sony eReader.  Quite a nice machine I must say – well I had to test it and load some books on there for Pappy!  As the box was a larger size I decided to make a gift bag to pop it in – obviously manufacturers do not take card-makers and paper sizes into consideration when they make these things! The Gift Bag stands 26cm tall and 16cm wide so it took two sheets of 12×12 cardstock and a fair amount of sticky strip to make the bag – there was no way this baby was falling apart!!

Vesty Birthday

The card was cased from one I found on Amy Celona’s blog.  Amy did have a tutorial/template on her blog however it wasn’t big enough for the card I wanted to make so I ‘adjusted’ it to make it bigger. My card base is actually made from a piece of A4 and I just had to use the gorgeous flocked paper from the Morning Mocha DSP!

Vest Card open

Here is the card opened.  The shirt part actually lifts up and this is where everyone wrote their messages.  I loved making this card and it came together so well – the shirt and tie pieces are from the Well Worn DSP – fitting for a ‘shirt’ card don’t you think??

I do hope you like this card and it was great to be able to share such a lovely night with Dad for his birthday – its the first one he’s had without Mum since they met some 60 odd years ago so I know it would have been bitter sweet for him as the weekend was for all of us but more so for Dad.

Be sure you pop back to check out the wedding cards I made for my niece.



  1. Love this card and might also C.A.S.E. I think! Thanks for sharing and giving the site of the lady you C.A.S.E.d from.

  2. You have outdone urself this time Leonie. This set is magnificent. Thanks for providing the link for the vest card. May come in handy one day. I can only imagine your dad was wrapped with the effort you had gone to……. I know I certainly am. Brilliant.

  3. What a beautiful card, Leonie. I’m so glad you were able to make his day so special. I’m thinking I’ll need to case this card for my dad next year. Thank you for sharing such a touching occasion!

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