giftboxmotherxmasI just love presenting gifts in boxes I’ve made myself and the thrill of the recipient opening them when they know you’ve made the box yourself really makes it all worthwhile. This also might have something to do with the fact I have 3 1/2 rolls left of the four rolls of christmas paper I bought this year as I made alot of the gift boxes and bags myself.

This is the box that I made for my Mother in Law for her christmas presents from the girls. If you’d like to see how to make these boxes you can pop over to the lovely Makeesha Byl’s blog for the Gift Box tutorial.

We put in the traditional Chocolate coated ginger that she loves and its become a tradition for this to be part of her gift each year. The girls also got her a lovely silk floral scarf to wear on cooler days – its so pretty!

As the kids get older it gets so hard to know what to buy so the last couple of years we’ve gone onto buying gift cards as they all get a thrill of shopping with their own ‘plastic money’! So I made these for our nephew’s kids and felt a bit stingy just giving over a gift card so made these 2,5,7,10 boxes and stamped them to suite each child.

25710sambradmanThese ones I made for Sam and Bradman. Blue and Red for boys and who could go past orchid opulence for a little girl?

These boxes take one A4 sheet of cardstock and are super easy to make! I am making a new class just for boxes to use as gift boxes so stay tuned for dates on this one!

I do hope they enjoy spending the cards as much as i did making their boxes … hmmm maybe next year I should just get everyone stamps???

Have a great weekend (what’s left of it) and I’ll see you on Monday.



  1. Hi Leonie, love the boxes, I made a few this year too, it is soooo much fun. Love your new look too!!!!!!!!!!!! (& I’m not a purple person)

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