I know I promised to load these cards yesterday (Friday) but I’m just so popular that everyone wants workshops – now just to learn how to be ‘more’ popular as I’d love to do more workshops!

I had a lovely group of four ladies come along on Friday and we all had a great creating and having fun.

Now for what was in the box …


These are the ten cute little cards that were concealed in the box and that the girls all made.They are a bit hard to see in this picture so here’s a closer look ….

escapegreensbluepurple escapespringflowershowers escapepinkbrown

I must admit they did turn out a little bit cute and I’m going to have fun sending my samples out to friends & family just to spoil them – sure Aussie Post have enjoyed all the extra ‘escape’ mail going out to!

I hope you like them as much as the ladies did.

Now back to the prep table for tomorrow’s demonstration.



  1. It was great to see them in the “real” today (well yesterday now as it’s past midnight!). They really ARE fabulous!

  2. leonie
    I just loved these little cards and the adorable box you made for them to be kept in. You are such a creative person and love the way you freely share all that you do. Keep up the great work

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