Welcome to another week of Freshly Brewed Projects from the Latte Girls …


This week we are creating with the theme “Leaves and Foliage”.

We have a gazillion sets with leaves and foliage in them but I always go back to my lovely Vintage Leaves set.

See I had an idea a week or so ago for my sister’s Birthday present (you know the smart one that’s not only a High School Teacher but a poet as well) and since she’s Canada mad – well she loves all things Canadian and just released her Book of Poetry and last week had a couple of book launches in Victoria (you can get yours here)  So after seeing the Book Cover for the umpteenth time a penny (well canadian dollar maybe) dropped and this is the idea I had …


Here’s the book that inspired the creation …

The litte rocks inside the frame were an afterthought as I was putting it all together.  I’ve also sent her the extra Maple leaves for her own ‘in home’ display.

Of course no gift is complete without a card …


It was her birthday after all!

I do hope she likes it and see’s the connection to her book.

Now be sure to pop around to see what Libby and Narelle have created for this week’s challenge.

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Thanks for stopping by and see you latte ..




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