When I saw this set for the first time I reconsidered buying it as we dont do much for valentines day here in this household so I wondered how much I’d use this set. Well needless to say I was wrong – just dont tell the kids!

Really we dont need it to be Valentine’s Day to tell those close to us that we love them so going on that theory this set could be used throughout the whole year and not just on February 14!


I dont think this set has been put away in the last week and I do hope you’ve enjoyed the cards I’ve made using it.

This flower stamp here reminds me of our dandelions (or lawn daisies as my sister calls them) after they’ve flowered and gone to seed.

When we were little we used to pick them and blow the rest of the seeds off and however many were left there was some significance but now it escapes me – I’m sure someone will remember and let me know. Now if you leave me a comment and it is the right answer I will send you a card just like this one – but without my Cherished Teddies (sorry).

I used my markers to just colour the flower & stem then stamped it onto whisper white cardstock. I did the same with the words. If you would like to see how to use your markers more or more effectively then drop me a line and we’ll book you in for a demonstration or technique class

With the flowing hearts I used just the flying hearts bit of the stamp and coloured it with my Rose Red Stampin Write Marker and started stamping from the top right corner of the Pretty in Pink Cardstock piece. I stamped those hearts three times to give the flying/floating look as if they had been blown off the flower.

I have just realised that this card uses just the one stamp from the A Happy Heart set which is in the Summer Mini Catalogue. I’ve just used each part of the stamp separately and spaced out the elements.

I had visioned this card in my mind before doing it and surprisingly it turned out just as I had imagined and much nicer than I expected and I hope you like it too.



  1. HI!! I’m a new stalker to your awesome work! Nice card & when I was growing up the number of ‘bits’ left were how many boyfriends you supposedly had…very funny at the time!

  2. Love the card and the bears. I can think of an unbearably nice person who could look after them for you.
    Now dandelions are the yellow type daisies and their other name is ‘wet the beds’ – don’t ask me why. Those ones you’re talking about had another name that escapes me at present.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. LOOOOVE the card!!! Did the remaining bits of the dandelion have anything to do with how many boyfriends one would have? I can’t remember myself now but I DO remember blowing them. These days the men would probably freak out as the seeds might start new weeds off – te he!

  4. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this card Leonie!!! So pretty. I managed to resist that stamp set for all of a month, but caved in!!! Now to just have fun with it! I LOVE the new look. One thing about coming to your blog…..I never know what it is going to look like as it changes so often! LOL. Love this one though. You take care gorgeous!
    Love Keesh x

  5. Wow, Leonie … how is it that you can just picture such lovely cards in your head??? I looked at this set … and decided … NUP! But now … after seeing all your gorgeous ideas … I am really disappointed that I haven’t got it … perhaps if I have a good class tomorrow … I might indulge! Just beautiful … as always, Leonie! 😀

  6. This card is lovely and I love the way the hearts are floating away on the pink card. Adore the teddies as well Judy

  7. I just came over here to your blog to nominate you to receive an award and then read your post about how you are so bad at passing them along! LOL! That’s OK. I’m nominating you anyway! You can visit my blog to claim it.
    Thanks for sharing your work with us all. Your projects are beautiful!

  8. I absolutely love your card and especially the floating hearts. When I was little the number of remaining seeds was the number of children you were supposed to have.

  9. I LOVE what you’ve done with the hearts floating off there – really pretty. Hmm, now you’ve got me scratching my head about the dandelion thing too. Something about the number of breaths it took to blow all the seeds away……? I’ll be up at 3:00am still thinking about that one!

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