Free Family Ink Pads when you join in July

Wow I love a good special and this one is one I’d sign up for in a heart beat!   Join my Stampin’ Up! Team during July and you can choose a Family Set of Ink Pads for FREE!

Family Set of Ink Pads – FREE!

Free Family Ink Pads when you join in July

Yes you read that right … you can choose any Family Set of Ink Pads for free when you join Stampin’ Up! in July!  That’s a bonus value of $117!

Which Set will you choose?

How pretty are all those colours?

Frequently Asked Questions … 

  • So How much does it cost to join?  To join Stampin’ Up! it costs $169
  • What do I get in my Kit?  You will receive products to the value of $235. You can select any products you want to that value as there is no ‘set’ kit. This way you get what you want or need and dont double up on anything
  • What are my obligations as a demonstrator?  There are no set obligations other than placing orders, for yourself and/or friends & family to the value of $470 per quarter. However when you join in July you have until 31st December to cover your first quarter’s requirement. This amount could change on 1st October depending on US Dollar exchange rates.  You dont have to place another order if you dont want to but why wouldnt you like your products at a discount?
  • How much, if anything do I earn on orders?  You will receive 20% off all orders you place while being a Demonstrator. As you progress and promote you have the opportunity to earn more commission.
  • What if I dont put an order in by 31st December?  You will be given a month’s grace to make up any shortfall. If you dont put an order in during this time you will then cease to be a Demonstrator.  
  • Is there an Annual Renewal Fee?  No.  As long as you place the quarterly amount in orders there are no fees to pay.
  • What if I dont want to do Parties or Classes? No Problem. It’s up to you as to how much, or how little, you do.  There is no requirement to have parties booked to join, you just order your kit and enjoy it!
  • Can I still attend your classes if I sign up with you?  Of course you can! There are many benefits of being a part of my Latte Girls Team!

Should you have any other questions regarding joining my team or ordering your Starter Kit please do not hesitate to contact me – I’d love to welcome you to the Latte Girls Team!

Remember … 

  • Free Ink Pads is only available when you join between 1st-31st July
  • I leave on 17th July so if you are considering joining please contact me before this date with any questions you have.  I am not sure what service we will have in USA/Canada.

Got your list ready?  Click here and join today!

Join Stampin' Up! with Leonie Schroder Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Australia

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Leonie Schroder - Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Australia

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