Good Morning and Happy Friday to you!

I’ve got a gorgeous Faceted Gift Box for you today …


How nice is this box??  I found the design on Pinterest but the creator didnt have a blog attached to the photo so if you see this and its your original idea please send me a message with your details to give you the credit.

It’s quite easy to do and all you need is two pieces of 6×6″!  Now if you want to make a larger box just change the size of your original pieces and punch and score at the half way point – so if you started with a 9×9 piece you’d punch and score at 4 1/2″ and just adjust the outside scoreline!

Here’s my video tutorial for you …

Here’s another shot of that box …


Just with the addition of a sweet Rose made with the Spiral Flower die just adds so much to the sweet little Faceted Gift Box.

Would you like the written tutorial for this box?  simply leave a comment with your email address and I’ll send you the file! Yes it’s that easy!  Need to see how this is made step by step with me guiding you?  Simply register for my Bags n Boxes Class (in person or by mail) or book your own Stampin’ Up! Party and you and your friends could make this gorgeous box!


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  1. Hi Leonie
    That’s a very georgeous gift box. I’d love to have a try on it and would appreciate a written instruction.
    Thanks for sharing your written instructions – it’s very Kind of you
    Best regars

  2. This is a very different faceted box to one I have already seen, and I would love the written instructions. I really like the fact that it is made with two pieces of cardstock giving an option to be distinctly different. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Leonie it’s gorgeous! Would love some “written” instructions. Thank you for your generosity and sharing.

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