Did you know that Saturday is Digital Scrapbooking Day!! Yep there’s even a day for Digital Scrapbooking!  However, in true Stampin’ Up! Style, we figure one day is not enough so we are bringing the specials to you for a week!  Yup a whole week of Digital Scrapbooking Specials – there’ ll be something different on sale every day for one week!

Here’s today’s download ….

Amped Up Ampersands – 50% off!

Oh my … can you believe it??  Half Price!!

Quick go get it now from my online store and download it right away – just click on the image above and you’ll go right to that Kit in my Store!

Oh I can see lots of things with this one … oh and if you have an Android Tablet or iPad you can get the ‘My Library’ app so you can keep track of the downloads you’ve already got and you wont buy it twice … or three times like someone I know (sshhhh)

Go get it from the Google Play Store now … it’s ok … it’s free!

Now dont forget .. go get the Amped Up Ampersands today at 50% off and be sure to check back tomorrow to see what’s on sale!


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