I know I dont normally post ‘unstamping’ things but this is such a great cause I felt it worthwhile.

Today is Compassion Day 2009 and if you have heart for kids like any mother does then this too will touch your heart. There are so many homeless children in third world countries that have no hope of changing their situations or even know any different to the life they have had.  These little kids need to know that there is hope and with a little help they can learn ways to improve their life and make a difference.

melodydurbanresizedThis photo here shows my gorgeous neice Melody.

Melody has a huge heart and in 2008 got up before the sun to take a flight to South Africa. She was there for 3 months helping those in the village near where she was staying. She would write occassional note to let us know how she was getting on and sharing all the wonderful photo’s she’d taken. The photo’s were just stunning and the scenery is just gorgeous in that country.

Melody is an avid photographer and seems to just be able to take the perfect picture every time!

This past week Melody has been running information/video nights for Compassion and I have no doubt that she has prompted many to sponsor children through Compassion Australia. Just reading some of the stories about these kids and their situations is just heartbreaking. Melody is off again to the Solomon Islands to do some missionary work there so please keep her covered in your prayers.

I noticed that when I started this post there were 656 children sponsored today and now its up to 723! Wouldnt it be great if we could get it to 1000 or more?

I decided today to sponsor a child – I thought about what gender and age do I go for and then it dawned on me. We will be sponsoring a boy who is a priority child and around the same age as our Daniel would have been. Daniel is our ‘angel baby’. When I was 34 weeks pregnant they detected some abnormalities and was diagnosed with Trisomy 18. He was born still one week later in April 2005. So in memory of our precious boy we will sponsor a little boy around the same age.

I would love to see some of my stamping friends do likewise and sponsor a child too – this would be such a great learning experience for the whole family and for our kids to see how people live not only in other countries but how they cope with little or no money and how the local area and culture play a part in their lives.

So please will you join me in sponsoring a child? You can sponsor one right now at Compassion Australia



  1. What a wonderful niece you have! Our Toni loved her short time in Ethiopia (just visiting) and came home and sponsored too. Just love that you have sponsored a child of Daniel’s age – very apt!

  2. Hey Leonie, I sponsored a little boy on Compassion Day too! When I saw the sea of pictures it broke my heart and I prayed for guidance because I just couldn’t choose one. I also chose a priority child, Yonas, in Ethiopia. I think the work that Compassion do is fantastic. Hugs, Niki

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