You may remember the little Baby Stocking card I shared the other day and while sitting at my desk the other day I had a new idea for that very card!!

So here is a card you can make for all the stampers in your life and they will love it!

You just love it dont you??

Now what stamper wouldnt want to wake up to a stocking like this on Christmas Morning … wonder if they make stockings big enough for all the stuff I want??

Maybe you are the same as me and never know what you want for Christmas when asked – well with the start of the new Catalogue my wish list is huge! How cool would it be to get some of the new stamps and products for Christmas?

Well you can!!

I am offering the same service as I do each year where you can download the Christmas Wish List, fill it out and give it to hubby/family/friends and it has all my details on it for them to call me and place the order. Alternatively you can send your wishlist to me and tell them to contact me and tell me how much they wish to spend and arrange payment and I will order, wrap and deliver or send your presents ready to go straight under the tree!  Also, if you order by 30th November and your order is at least $120 then you will receive a bonus free gift from me!

[download id=”5″]

Simply Click on the link above and download my Christmas Wish List and have it completed and you’ll need to make sure orders are placed by 10th December to ensure delivery before Christmas!

I do hope you liked this card as much as I did making it!

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  1. I love this card Leonie!!! I emailed it to my hubby at work with the subject “Here’s a hint for Christmas”. He replied asking how he gets in contact with you to buy the card!!! Sheesh! I said to look again at what is IN the stocking… he emailed back just two words… WISHFUL THINKING! LoL

  2. Way cute card Leone. I hope ur wish list service takes off!!! I mean seriously…u’d have to be BONKERS not to want something creative for Chrissy….wldn’t you??

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