Are you all Christmassed out?? I am over going shopping!

I cant believe there’s still 12 days till Christmas and I’ve finished my shopping – its just the creating I have to catch up on and all I need is lots of time and a little energy – well ok .. alot of energy!

I was going through and uploading some Christmas Cards to my Facebook page to share some motivation and inspiration and found I have a couple of cards that I havent shared yet!  These were actually some we created for my Christmas in July Class and being the month July was I’m not surprised they were overlooked!

Here’s my Blue Baubles card using the Tree Trimmings Stamp Set …

I decided to pop the card in our tree to take the photo … as you can see our tree has taken on a Blue and Pink theme this year and do I quite like the colour combination.

This is a very simple card with a little Big Shot Emboosing and the very pretty baubles from Tree Trimmings which is such a cute and affordable stamp set at just $24.95.  You could make a heap of these cards without much effort at all!

Dont forget to check out the December Frenzy happening and if you would like anything to arrive in time for Christmas you’d need to order by Friday at the latest – so just give me a call and let me know what you’d like to order and I’ll have it sent straight to your door!  Cant get much easier than that!

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  1. I am so v v far behind it isn’t funny Leonie. !2 days and I am aghast. The kids finish Fri and I am still yet to complete the teacher’s pressies yet!!!
    I have not dragged out Tree Trimmings yet…tho it was my set of choice last year. Love your card. ooxx

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