So yesterday was my hubby’s Birthday.  He has a thing about Llama’s.

Personally, I dont see what it is about Llama’s but they are everywhere at the moment. Although I see their value on farms to keep foxes and such away.  I mean if you knew something was going to spit and stomp on you you’d stay right away from it wouldnt you?

Here’s his Birthday Card …


I added some Turquoise and Cucumber Thick baker’s twine around the burlap and frayed the ends to give it a Peruvian K’eperina feel.

Now when I purchased the Birthday Fiesta I told him he’d be getting Llama Birthday Cards, Llama Father’s Day and Llama Christmas just so I’d get my money’s worth!

I couldnt go past Llama-fying the inside …LlamaBirthdayInside

I did have a little fun doing the inside – ok so they are a little comical here.

He did like his card and now I just have to work out what to do for Father’s day which is like 3 weeks away!

Thanks for stopping by …

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  1. Man this card is is awesome, I would never have purchased that stamp set and probably still wouldn’t but you have certainly made a bright festive exciting card. So love your design, awesome colour choices and use of the binder cord. But you didn’t finish there, your inner just makes me laugh out loud.

    Super duper Leonie

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