Good Morning … I do love a good Fancy Fold and just love these Bendi-PopUp cards ! It appears I’ve made a couple more for you …

Bendi-PopUp Cards

I did mention in yesterday’s Little Ladybug Post that they were addictive didnt I?

First up, one done with the Tulips from the Pleased as Punch Designer Series Paper Pack ..

I do love the ease of making these with the Pleased as Punch Papers. I also love how colourful and bright they are – reminds me of Spring. This one was fun and simple to put together.

I did adjust one of the pieces though. The regular design has one scoreline in the centre of the middle block but with the flower pot I wanted a flat section to adhere my pot to. So I just adjust the measurements accordingly.

Middle Block – 12cm x 5 cm then score at 1cm, 4cm, 8cm and 11cm

Bendi-PopUp Facebook Live Video

If you are a visual learner you may like to watch my Facebook Live Video from yesterday featuring my Daisy Bendi-PopUp Card ..

Here’s my completed Daisy Bendi-PopUp card ..

Now while I was photographing the Daisy Card it dawned on me that Bee’s love Daisies …

Apparently I was right!

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Thanks for stopping by …

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