I know Autumn started 1st March but it’s only this past week it’s finally started to cool down.  It’s times like this I wont shudder when the power bill comes in – it’s the little things!

Today was back to school and work for two of my peeps so I had a full To-Do list today and it didnt help that I had a sleepless night last night.  Maybe the excitement of a quiet house today was just a little to much for me?

I mentioned last week that there are many ways to use Layered Stamping in your cards and projects and today I have a sweet little card using Sheltering Tree and the Double Layer Technique …


I love the simplicity of this card and all the tones of Autumn.  Not a bad card for someone who’s had less than 3 hours sleep!

I had intended to have this as a sample for my Technique To Go Class but ran out of time to create it so it’s been bobbing there in the back of my mind for a couple of weeks now!  Maybe that’s what stopped the sleep happening?

This card was super easy and lots of fun to make so why not invite a few friends over for a Crafternoon?   I can show you just how easy it is to make and how much fun it can be to make and give your own handmade cards.

Check your diary and get back to me with a couple of dates and well book you in!

Thanks for stopping by today and see you latte ..



Pumpkin Pie Stampin' Write Marker

Pumpkin Pie Stampin’ Write Marker



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