Good Afternoon!

It’s a gorgeous sunny day here today in Sydney with temps around 25°C and the birds are all out singing.  You can tell it’s Spring is here as all I’ve done all weekend is sneeze, sleep and dry the watery eyes!  Things seem to have settled for now so I’ll update you on a few things.   I didnt manage to get to my Aunt’s on Friday due to insomnia the night before and probably best with the sneezing and such that came along.  Now I had intended to make a grand announcement for a birthday special on friday but alas things didnt go to plan so today I’ll let you in on the special so keep reading to the end!

Now the weekend before this last one I went on a road trip with the lovely Libby to visit my friend Ann Craig in Canberra. We had an absolute ball and we all brought a project to share with each other – bit like a shoebox swap just on a grander scale!

One of our other dear demo friends who participated was the lovely Debbie Yeomans and she brought along two cards for us to make and I’m a bit chuffed with this first card – it’s a Lego Card ….



How cool is this card?? but it’s not any ‘regular’ Lego Card … it’s a shakey, rattley Lego card!  Check out this 3-d block on top of the card …


How cool is that!

But wait … there’s more …

Inside that Lego block is a little packet of goodness ….


Yes it’s Tic-Tacky goodness … but not just any regular tic tac’s will do … no ….. Deb found us these mini tic tacs!  They are like 1″ high – so very cute.  Now I’ve been on the hunt for these but cant seem to find them anywhere – thinking Libby and I may need to make another trip to Canberra!

Just so you can see how ‘mini’ they are here’s a pic of the tic tac’s in front of the card ….


Told you they were tiny!

So while I’m all excited I’ll let you in on the Birthday Special I’m offering till 30th September.

It’s quite simple – all orders of $50 or more will receive a 10% discount!  So if you spend $50 you’ll get $5 off and if you spend $150 you’ll get $15 off – so the more you spend the more you save!  You will need to pay shipping though and shipping is calculated on the total of your order before the discount.

Confused? dont be … let’s say you place a $70 order your shipping would be $5.95 so we take your $70 and reduce that by 10% to $63 plus shipping of $5.95 so your total would be $68.95.

I know shipping is a pain but we all have to pay it – I wish we didnt but we do.  Shipping is actually discounted on what you’d regularly pay to ship something in Australia.  If you spend $100 your shipping is still $5.95 but the items might weigh over a kilo and to ship that amount with regular post you’d be paying over $13 so the rates are pretty fair I think.

If you’d rather shop online that’s ok however you will be charged the full amount. Simply contact me and I’ll arrange either a credit voucher for you for the 10% or send you products to that value.  If you do shop online be sure to use this month’s Hostess Code (Q2KX6QUC) so you can be entered in to share this month’s Hostess Code Club rewards. Otherwise, simply email or phone me with your order and payment details and I’ll get the order through and on it’s way to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for stopping by and see you latte …


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