Of course you are!! You are soooo special that Stampin’ Up!® have two wonderful promotions during June!

To thank you for being so extra special Stampin’ Up!® are rewarding all those hosting workshops or parties from now till 15th July by giving Hostesses who’s party totals $700 or more in product sales by giving you an extra $50 to spend for free -now how special is that?

All you need to do is host a demonstration or workshop in your home between now and 15th July and once your party sales total $700 or more you are then given another $50 free to spend – this is on top of the already generous Hostess Benefits that Stampin’ Up!® gives.

Extra Special Hostess

So from now till 15th July with a party of $700 in sales you are entitled to …

♥ Free Stampin’ Up! Idea book
♥ Catalogue valued at $12.95
♥ Your choice of any Level 1 or Level 2 Hostess set (pages 17-22)
♥ $80 free merchandise as Hostess Awards
♥ extra $50 free merchandise

The extra $50 applies to all demonstrations over $700 so depending on how much is sold then your benefits could increase as well. You can view the full table of Hostess awards on page 16 of the 2008 Idea Book & Catalogue. Here is a small table detailing the benefits …

Workshop total
(before tax and shipping)

Free Stampin’ Up! merchandise


Extra, Extra hostess award

Free Stampin’ Up! merchandise with
Extra, Extra hostess awards

$700 – $799





$800 – $899





$900 – $999





$1000 – $1099





So as you can see the benefits of hold a demonstration between now and 15th July are wonderful and yours for the taking. These benefits are also available to Catalogue Parties as well. Dont forget the eScape bundle for sale during June at just $58.80 which is a saving of 25% off the catalogue price for the separate items and my extra escape bonus you can find the details here.

Remember this special is only available for a limited time and my diary will be booked fast so contact me to book your demonstration today.


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