I am really bad at accepting these awards and passing them on … after the initial shock of recieving them I think ‘yup I’ll do that & pass it on shortly’ then as usual one gets distracted with updating their blog, changing colours, stamping or that other thing called ‘real life’! So firstly my apologies for replying to those lovely ladies that have given me these awards and thank you soooo much for considering my blog worthy of such awards.

yoshida4a_as_blog_awardFor our first award we have the Sparkling Blogger Award from the lovely Stacey in Texas. Now this is a super special award as its one that Stacey created herself so I’m rather touched to receive this one!

Now she wanted me to pass on my favourite christmas or winter recipe but since we have our Christmas in Summer we normally have alot of cold meats and salads and our favourite is Caesar Salad with any type of meat. So not much in the way of recipes needed for those.

So thanks so much Stacey and hope you have a totally blessed 2009 and no more headaches or illness!

kreativ_blogger_awardI had this awarded to me yesterday by the very talented and very lovely Steph. I had also received this award from the very lovely Libby.

Libby is a wonderful friend and great promoter of my Stampin’ Up! business – not to mention a wonderful customer and forever friend. We’ve gone through a lot of trials during our friendship and always there for each other when needed.



Libby has also sent me these other two awards  ….

It is always a huge thrill to have people read and leave comments on my blog let alone give me these awards and I love each and every one of them!

Now to pass these awards on – I should be passing them on to five blogs but since there is more than one award I’ll award them to my top 10 blogs I love to visit and get inspiration from – now these are in no particular order – I just love them all ….

  1. Makeesha Byl
  2. Beate Johns
  3. Patty Bennett
  4. Kerri Hunter
  5. Andrea Lowcock
  6. Andrea Walford
  7. Nicole Stalker
  8. Libby Dyson
  9. Stacey Aannestaad
  10. Stephanie Pike

Now I know youre not supposed to give them back but Libby, Stacey and Steph really do have awesome blogs and are very talented with what they do and all the ladies in that list are very special friends and its a blessing to know them and have them as my friends.

I did make a card today but I’ll save that for tomorrow’s post.

Go grab yourself a latte and put your feet up …. until next time.



  1. OH WOW Leonie, what a fab suprise to come here and discover you have given me a bevy of awards!!! Thank you sooooo much! I so have to get these up…they are fabulous! Thanks again, to your gorgeous self for spoiling me again!
    Love Keesh x

  2. Leonie, you are so sweet! No worries about not getting to putting the awards up until now … as Libby said, sometimes there are other things more important! I’m so glad your business is going so well. I’m not surprised, as beautiful as your creations are! Thanks for awarding me back — I am honored!

  3. Hey you are very deservinng of all these awards and you should never worry about things getting in the way of passing them on. Family should always come first. Thanks for the plug too

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