I’ve been tagged by two lovely ladies!

Firstly, by my dear ‘always’ friend Kerri Hunter who awarded me with this award …


Kerri and I met through Stampin’ Up!® and I treasure our friendship so much – she is an awesome stamper and totally amazes me with all she does every day without a second thought! Check out her blog – she does such lovely work. Thanks Kerri so much!

Now to pass this award onto five bloggin buddies ….

  1. Makeesha Byl – this lady is just awesome. She was the recipient of the first Australian “heart of Stampin Up!® award and is so deserving of it. Through Stampin’ Up!® we have become good friends – oh and she does really lovely work too!!
  2. Vanessa Webb – one of my downline and a great friend. Its hard to believe that prior to joining Stampin’ Up!® Ness had never stamped! Yes its true!!
  3. Nicole Stalker – I’ve known Nikki for quite a few years but only recently managed to get together after we realised the only time we saw each other was at Stampin’ Up!® conventions! Sad but true but we have remedied that now – see you next week Nikki! Oh she does awesome work too!
  4. Sharon Davis – this is another lady who amazes me with all she gets done – working full time, running a large household, wife/nurse to a Vet and also manages time for Stampin’ UP!® – it makes me tired just to think about all she does!
  5. Michelle’s Stamping Ground – this lady has become a special friend since convention and she always has time to message me on msn and see how I am. Her blog is looking great now she’s posting more so go check it out and encourage her!

I am sure they’d all love to hear from you! Now when I started blogging I never thought anyone would read my posts let alone give me awards! So each and every award I get really means alot.

Now for the machine. I have a thing for coffee – yes I know … you never knew! lol Well a few weeks back I was very sternly told not to buy any more espresso machines and not to even look at them.

EM5600_lWell my DH rings me today and suggests I go to The Good Guys and check out the latte machine they have there on sale – so whats a Latte Lover supposed to do??

Needless to say I didnt need much convincing and its now adorning my kitchen bench.

Doesnt it look great?? and it even comes with a DVD so its gotta be good right??

Now next time your over remember to ask me for a Latte!

Now I’m off to read the instructions and make a cuppa!


  1. you can have my cup leonie since i’m not a coffee drinker. not big on caffeine, but do need a diet dr pepper every now and then.

    xoxox ~ carol.

  2. Hi Leonie, what a lucky girl you are! I really like the look of your new toy and better still it makes something nice for you too. Of course you can’t possibly enjoy a latte without a nice biscuit, it’s just too wet without one! Take care and enjoy your latte’s, lots of inky hugs from Charmaine 🙂

  3. Ohhhh Leonie………lurve your new machine…….can’t wait to sample some delicious Lattes when I visit you for a stamp in a couple of weeks:-).
    Thanks for my award too……..my first one ever!! Thanks for your encouragement and friendship……you know how much it means…..
    Love Ness

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