BannerWow can you believe we are half way through our 12 Weeks of Christmas? So you know what that means dont you? Yep … it’s going to be here before we know it! 

This week we have created an Advent Calendar created by Narelle. 

Advent Calendar
Advent Calendar

How nice is this?? 

Now this Advent Calendar is a little different to your normal Advent Calendar that is filled with sweets and small treats.

This one is made up of little pouches, each with a tag inside. You can write anything you like on the tags, or even skip doing the tags and add Gift Vouchers etc into the pouches. Now because I have used the little pegs to hold the pouches onto the bakers twine, you will need to make sure you don’t put anything heavy in them.  

Then for the big day, Christmas Day, there is a gorgeous box which can contain a small gift.

Advent Gift Box
Advent Gift Box

In my Advent Calendar I have written something on each day that corresponds to the day number.

Tags and Pouches
Tags and Pouches

The idea is that the child takes out the tag each day and on it is written things they can experience and claim throughout the year. For example, the tag may have on it “10 trips to the Movies”. They keep the tag and throughout the following year they can claim these 10 Movies. They simply keep count on the back of the tag how many times they have claimed it already.

I love this idea as it is a gift that keeps giving throughout the year and it isn’t all about buying gifts. A lot of the tags are about experiences and spending time with your child and in all honesty, it also eliminates a lot of sweets that children really don’t need at this time of the year with all the extra treats around already.


I LOVE all the little pouches and how they hang on the bakers twine, and I love the box and I absoloutely adore the idea of the ‘gifts’ and keeping them for throughout the year – it just makes Christmas last the whole year!

Now how would you like the tutorial on how how the Advent Calendar was created and all the different elements?  then just leave a comment here and on Narelle’s Blog and I’ll send you a copy of the full tutorial – yes it’s that easy!

Here is what Narelle’s tags will have in them this Christmas, it might just give you some ideas for yours too. These are tailored to her daughter and include a lot of her favourite things, things that sometimes we don’t always get around to doing. This way she can claim her favourite things and we make sure they happen.

1  trip to the Zoo
2  friends sleep over
3  favourite restaurant visits
4  trips to the drive-in
5  dates with Mum
6  dates with Dad
7  pizza cooking nights
8  trips to the beach
9  bowling games
10  baking sessions with Mum
11  trips to the local pool
12  trips to the Movies
13  shopping days with Mum
14  popcorn and movie nights at home
15  sightseeing drives
16  Youghurtland frozen youghurts
17  stories read by Mum
18  stories read by Dad
19  games of UNO
20  Ice Cream Sundaes
21  craft sessions with Mum
22  trips to the Library
23  family board game nights
24  trips to the park

Now as always we have a special bundle available for purchase. This bundle comprises some of the items used to create this Advent Calendar. So here it is:-

Latte Girls 12 Weeks of Christmas – Week 6 Bundle – just $89!

But wait – there’s more .. when you buy this bundle you’ll also get these gorgeous Metallic Clothespins for free … 

free with Week 6 Bundle
Mini Mettalic Clothespins

Now being that this is a special bundle offered only through the Latte Girls 12 Weeks of Christmas Design Team you wont be able to order this online for the discounted price – you’ll need to contact me to place your order and redeem your free Clothespins. You can contact me by email, phone or sms. 

I do hope you like this project as much as I do and I’d love for you to let Narelle know by popping over to her blog and leaving her a comment. 

Thanks for stopping by …. 



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