Good Morning … can you believe that this is our third week of this Christmas already! That means that it will be here before we know it… we had better start getting organised.

This week we want you to get a head start by showing you a simple table setting designed and created by Narelle so you can start now that will have your Christmas table looking so very special.

Very Festive Table Setting
Very Festive Table Setting
 This table setting consists of a cutlery bag, a bonbon and a name place card.  I think you would agree that these would dress up the Christmas table and make it something special.
Here are some photos of the individual items and also some videos showing how to make the key components. For full instructions and a complete list of supplies, please email me for the Tutorial.
Cutlery Bag
Cutlery Bag
I just love this Cutlery Bag. I know you could just put the cutlery on the table next to the plates, but that would be boring, right ? Making this bag gives you a reason to create and show off a little to your guests. I am sure they will be appreciative of the effort you went to and the table will look so festive and special.

Want to know how to make the Rosette? here are a couple of videos showing you how to make them …


Bon-Bons - a Christmas must have!
Bon-Bons – a Christmas must have!

One of the things I like most is the pulling of the bon bon at the Christmas table.  I love the dorky hat every one has to wear, the corny jokes and the little novelty inside. However, once they are pulled apart they are thrown away. If you want the really pretty ones you have to spend a lot of money and  they too end up in the bin as well. So why not have them to bring out to keep the fun in the dinner, but also have these on the table to make it pretty. The bonus of these is that you can fill them with wrapped chocolates or something too as an extra treat, and the guests get to keep them as a memento of a wonderful gathering with family and friends.

Here is a video showing you how to make the BonBon …

Now what Table Setting would be complete without a name place card …
Name Place Card
Name Place Card

I just love it when I go to a function and there are place cards – it makes me feel special. Wouldn’t your guests be thrilled to find their special spot at the table and you can  keep certain relatives apart who always seem to get into a heated discussion when together. Now that makes it a trully joyous occasion.

Now as always we have a super duper bundle for you to purchase for these projects … and all bundled with a sweet little Christmas discount …

As you can see we’ve marked these products down so when you buy them as the bundle you’ll pay just $77 plus shipping – that’s a saving of over 10%!  You will have to contact me to order this bundle as its only available through the Latte Girls 12 Weeks of Christmas Design Team.

You can purchase everything you need to make these projects and more, from my Stampin’ Up Online Store.

Thanks for stopping by ….


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