Welcome to our 2nd Bonus Project for the Latte Girls 12 Weeks of Christmas!

Can you believe it’s Christmas next week? Hard to believe it’s come around so quick!

My apologies for not getting this to you earlier today – I had a bit of a stressful morning with my daughter being on a trip to the Art Gallery of NSW today and that Siege happened in Martin Place and she wasnt replying to my messages and texts so it made for a rather stressful mum!  All is well and she’s home safe and sound – thank you Jesus!

Now onto the project!

I had one of my customers ask for a pocket slider card in September that she’d seen online and wanted to know how to make it so I got to designing one and she invited some ladies over and we had a ball making it.  So I thought it would be perfect to replicate Santa coming down the chimney ….
Well Ok … so you’ll have to imagine the chimney!  Here in Sydney where I live they’ve actually outlawed those open fireplaces as the smoke pollution was so bad in Winter that it was causing terrible health problems for many people. So our Santa today is a good environmentally friendly Santa!

So you pull the tab and ribbon and this is what happens …

Oh look Santa’s up the top of the card!  I love making this card and thought it best to do a Video Tutorial as well as a written Tutorial as some things are hard to put into words and while it may seem a little fiddly at first they do become easier the more you make them.

Here’s the Video Tutorial ….

Now as always we have a special Latte Girls 12 Weeks of Christmas Bundle …

Latte Girls 12 Weeks of Christmas Bonus Bundle 2 – just $60 plus shipping

Now maybe you’d really like that tree punch so lets add that and you can get all four items for $80 plus shipping!  Now how nice would that be wrapped under the tree?  Now if you want it for Christmas you’ll need to order it within the next couple of days and you may like to opt for tracking for an extra $3.95 to be sure.

Remember you’ll need to contact me to get this bundle at this prices as its exclusive to the Latte Girls 12 Weeks of Christmas Design Team!

Want the written tutorial? No worries – simply comment here with your email address and I’ll send you a copy!

Thanks for stopping by …



  1. Hi, Leonie! I’ve lost track of you over the last few years, but a friend sent me the link for this card and there you are. I’m excited to have found you AND this awesome card which I will give a try to tomorrow.

    Big Hugs,
    Barb Hardmean

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